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homework finished

first attempt was marginally successful. i did make a buttonhole, and it was exactly the right size for my button.  yay!  i’m not entirely happy with the results because it’s a bit sloppy-looking and i don’t quite understand how to make it look cleaner.

how did you guys cut the fabric down the middle?  i used a seam ripper, but it seems a little unfinished.  i also seem to be having some issues with my camera today, but it may have something to do with the intense sunlight coming in through the window.  all-in-all a good exercise!  still need to practice.

ok, i answered my own question.  gotta turn the stitch down to the smallest size on both settings.  duh.  (see photo below)


it is late and i am tired but i have issues so…

here is the third version:

it is late and i am tired but…

here is the second lovey:

remember the first lovey:

i am officially “iffy” on both of them.  but i am also tired and can’t see all that well.

and on that note…nighty-night!

assignment button hole

so class…for this week’s assignment i want each of you…kidding!

but not really.

who is with me to practice sewing button holes?!?!  don’t all raise your hands at once….  you can make whatever you want or even alter something you already made but let’s see those button holes!

post pictures and any tips you learned along the way please(andthankyou)…

and to help us all out…here is a handy dandy post on the topic from a blog i enjoy.

happy button-ing!

Teeny bib

So, I was at this cute, specialty (and expensive of course) kids store and saw these little bibs. The were smaller than half the size of the ones I make now and were made out of super thin, soft material. I thought they’d be good to make as another option for gifts. There were times when jordan was smaller that I used smaller bibs a lot because the big ones looked ridiculous in public and she drooled like a faucet. Any ideas on fabric? I figured I could still use cotton or flannel for the front, but not sure about the back. Maybe a solid flannel? Would I have to use a middle fabric (i know there is a more appropriate term, but I cant think of it 🙂 if I did that? I currently use the chenille like you Sarah, but for these I like the idea of something thinner.

decision time



who wants to go back to school?

would anyone be up for a weekly (monthly?) homework assignment?  i am ready to stretch my skills at both photography and sewing but could use some guidance or direction.  i was wondering if we could come up with an assignment of sorts to work on and then post our results.  like…action shots, or testing some editing feature, or close ups, or sewing button holes, or smocking, or, or, or…


and it doesn’t have to be limited to sewing and photography!  but i think we all have those 2 things in common…

too boy?

i got a custom order (whoo-hoo!) the other day from my old cleaning lady (custom order is a custom order!).  her niece is having a baby and doesn’t know the gender.  this is the bedding:

it isn’t my style…and also not really the style of my fabric selections.  let me remind you that i selected plain white fitted sheets for my girls’ nurseries.

so i spent hours perusing my favorite fabric haunts on etsy until i settled on these 4 from the fabulous joel dewberry’s modern meadow collection in grass:

from left to right we have majestic oak in timber, nap sack in grass, acorn in timber, and herringbone in grass.

the order was for 1 rag lovey and 2 bib and burp cloth combinations.  the bibs and burp cloths are cut and pinned and ready to sew…and here is the lovey.

begging the question and reason for this post:  is it too boy?  or is this what happens when parents elect the unknown?  or is this what happens when parents elect the unknown with that bedding selection?

progress report…

first an update on the dining room.  brendan and i successfully peeled all the old wallpaper off and did not cause any damage to the existing wainscot…or each other.  whew!

i know it doesn’t look terribly attractive but it will!  all the paper was cut off around the molding and peeled off.  the walls were scrubbed with a bleach solution (what an awesome product bleach is…).  the seams were all caulked.  do you guys use caulk when you paint?  after living in 3 houses and painting most of the rooms of each one we have just now started using caulk.  brendan and i both think it is the difference between a “good” and a “professional” paint job…thoughts?  discuss.

the carpenter came by on friday and straightened out those french doors too.

the plasterers came to give the wall that is receiving new molding a nice skim coat.

and then cora came and gave the plaster a nice rustic look.  not quite what i was going for when i paid $200 to have it done all smooth and gorgeous…

to wrap up the weekend, progress was made on the sewing front!  4 burp cloths and 8 bibs are done.  almost.  still have to hammer the snaps in but i need the girls to be asleep for the night for that.  their nap sleep isn’t quite deep enough and i can’t risk waking them up.  best to let the beauties get their zzzzzzzzzzs…

Fabric tags

So who has ideas for my tag name? I thought of using Jordan but Sarah made a good point about the next child feeling shafted. Then I thought of food…sweet potato, pineapple, plum… really not creative. Help? 🙂 I guess there is always my name.

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