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new fun fabric!

ordered some new fun fabric the other day from lillybellafabrics on etsy and have been sewing away!  it is from the kate spain pop sugar collection.  from left to right we have dot dot dot in multi-bright, summer flowers in pink, painted flowers in cream pink, and mod trees in pink.

the main reason for ordering this was to make a smock pinafore for a friend’s daughter (and then make some loveys and bibs and burp cloths with the “remnants”).  so last night i finished this smock pinafore (pattern based on the one in the one-yard wonders book).

although looking at it i don’t think it looks finished…  hmmm…  maybe some more “pop” in the front?  i am going to try to make some of those yo-yo pinwheels and attach them to the top in the coordinating fabrics.  stay tuned!


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One thought on “new fun fabric!

  1. I think the yo-yo’s will be awesome! What a cute little outfit, I’m excited to get my one-yard wonders book; our neighbor collected our mail while we were out so I have to wait impatiently until they get home from work tonight!

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