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lessons learned

today i learned quite a few new lessons, most of them the hard way (this seems to be how i live my life so it would be appropriate).

lesson 1 – how to change a sewing machine needle.  this is actually pretty easy once you figure out that a pair of pliers works better than a screwdriver.  however, during this lesson i learned a few more things – if your needle is bent, there is a good chance that if you touch the needle the bent part will fall off, and fall into the never-never land that is the inside of your sewing machine.  this will come back to haunt you about 3 hours into your machine repairs.

lesson 2 – what a sewing machine sounds like when it’s “knocking”.  if your machine is making angry noises, check that you threaded it correctly.  after about an hour googling “angry sewing machine” and having all the posts direct me to head to the shop for service, i broke down and called them directly.  luckily they must have remembered me from 5 years ago when i bought it because she was able to tell me that it sounded like i missed step #4 in the threading process.  this sounded insane, but after re-threading everything it worked like a champ.  made me feel bad for smacking it.

so after a late start i didn’t finish everything, but got a good start.  three rags, four burp cloths. only about 63 mistakes, including re-doing 3 burp cloths.  like i said, i learn the hard way.

i also added some pics to my flickr account from our trip.  i love messing around with my photo editing software.  this picture was taken in prague on our last day while we chilled in the park on the river.


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3 thoughts on “lessons learned

  1. You guys are making me wish I was home to sew! We are in Dallas right now, but will be back early tomorrow. I see some sewing in my near future. 🙂
    Jamie – what photo software do you use?

    • Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. It’s not as fancy as Photoshop but I got overwhelmed by Photoshop. It does way more than I need, and it’s only like $30 now that X3 came out. I haven’t upgraded yet, just because I haven’t looked into it. I think X3 is about $70.

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    cool pictures! and yeah for learning some lessons. 🙂 i have the cheaper photoshop and it is entirely overwhelming! the only thing i have managed to do was my banner for my etsy shop. i get terrified whenever i open it…but it was free. so i need to power through and figure it out!

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