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this old dining room

this old house had some funky molding in the dining room.  so funky that i have very limited pictures of it out of pure embarrassment.  but that is all about to change today!  carpenters are here and are fixing the molding issue and straightening out the french doors.  yippee!

the few pictures i have make me cringe…but i will share so you can see how far have come (will go?)…

this is the dining room picture from the seller’s realtor.  looks charming and the woodwork is gorgeous.  right?  wrong.

this is the doorway that you can’t see in the above picture leading from the dining room into the kitchen.  the work in the background is what we did to the kitchen…but can you see the right door casing and wainscot?  the previous owner’s had clearly widened the doorway without any regard to the wainscot. or matching the door casing.  or the light switch.  sad.

we had a wonderful carpenter who did our kitchen work and he took down the mismatched door casing and replaced it with some that was consistent with the rest of the house.  you can sort of see on the right side the wainscoting that just dead-ended into the old casing.  that needs to be fixed too…

oh.  yeah.  here is another issue that didn’t make the photographs.  at some point the previous owners put up paper and painted over it instead of doing the right thing and fixing the plaster.  super.


today we had some movement in the right direction.  the wainscot has been removed from the kitchen doorway wall and will receive a skimcoat of plaster today.  then next week molding that is consistent with the rest of the room will go up so we can paint.  hooray!

here is what the above will look like next week.

oh.  and this crooked door should be fixed today.


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