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Fabric tags

So who has ideas for my tag name? I thought of using Jordan but Sarah made a good point about the next child feeling shafted. Then I thought of food…sweet potato, pineapple, plum… really not creative. Help? 🙂 I guess there is always my name.


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5 thoughts on “Fabric tags

  1. Start with JayBee (as in JB, your initials), then you can add some of your favorite foods like:

    JayBee Plum
    Sweet JayBee
    or just JayBee

    I’ll keep thinking…

    • I thought of JayBee too but had thought I could use a buzzing bee. I like the bird idea better though. I like the etsy page…b14. Did you get yours here? You like them?

      • Yup, she did mine, A6. She’ll make a proof and send it to you so you can see how it will look. I was surprised by the professional looking packaging it came in (not that it matters since I just threw it away), but still. She was quick too.

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    oooh! i like the jaybee idea! super cute!

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