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too boy?

i got a custom order (whoo-hoo!) the other day from my old cleaning lady (custom order is a custom order!).  her niece is having a baby and doesn’t know the gender.  this is the bedding:

it isn’t my style…and also not really the style of my fabric selections.  let me remind you that i selected plain white fitted sheets for my girls’ nurseries.

so i spent hours perusing my favorite fabric haunts on etsy until i settled on these 4 from the fabulous joel dewberry’s modern meadow collection in grass:

from left to right we have majestic oak in timber, nap sack in grass, acorn in timber, and herringbone in grass.

the order was for 1 rag lovey and 2 bib and burp cloth combinations.  the bibs and burp cloths are cut and pinned and ready to sew…and here is the lovey.

begging the question and reason for this post:  is it too boy?  or is this what happens when parents elect the unknown?  or is this what happens when parents elect the unknown with that bedding selection?


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5 thoughts on “too boy?

  1. I like the fabrics a lot. You did a great job choosing colors. I wouldn’t have selected that nursery set either, but I like what you’ve done.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      thanks! i think i may have found the answer to make it a little more neutral on the boy / girl spectrum. i had ordered some fabric from this collection in a different color scheme for my niece but there is a white with green flower that will go with this set too. i have enough squares to make another lovey so i may try to add in the flower print on the next one. and maybe white minky instead of brown?

      • That’s a great idea. Especially the white minky part. You’d have no problems finding a buyer for the one you made with the brown too. Its super cute.

  2. Am I the only one daring enough to say out loud that the nursery set is terrible?? How drab and unmotivating! That said, I think you did a great job matching the colors, especially ordering online because the colors can be so different in person. I probably would’ve done an accent color because you know me, I like to force my tastes on others!! haha I think I’m going to have an unknown niece/nephew in November, but I’m just going to stick with primary colors. I guess I’m ornery in that way. Besides, I’m a girl and my favorite color is blue so there!

    • sedwards515 on said:

      lol! thank you! i agree…horrible. but all the reviews on it rave about how great it is. the pictures people put of their nursery decorated with it are pretty funny (to me at least…). i mean they just go all out with the curtain valance, wall decals, diaper caddy, oi! not my taste…

      so thank for the compliments! it was hard for me to mix my style with that bedding…

      i wanted to do an accent color but just didn’t know what do use. orange? yellow? it would still be somewhat drab because all the colors are that muddy hue…so my pop is going to be white. ha!

      jamie…the blue i used for the twins is gorgeous (i think…) a pretty robins egg blue that looks good with yellows and oranges and pinks and reds… similar to jen’s nursery for jordan! but i think it goes both ways…

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