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who wants to go back to school?

would anyone be up for a weekly (monthly?) homework assignment?  i am ready to stretch my skills at both photography and sewing but could use some guidance or direction.  i was wondering if we could come up with an assignment of sorts to work on and then post our results.  like…action shots, or testing some editing feature, or close ups, or sewing button holes, or smocking, or, or, or…


and it doesn’t have to be limited to sewing and photography!  but i think we all have those 2 things in common…


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5 thoughts on “who wants to go back to school?

  1. I’m in! I definitely need some practice in both areas. I may not make every homework assignment on time each week, but as long as that is ok, I’ll be there. Between work, baby and life, I don’t always get to the fun stuff unfortunately 🙂

    • sedwards515 on said:

      of course that is ok silly goose! i don’t work and still won’t have time all the time. there is a blog that i have gotten a couple good ideas from (the capes i made for the girls for halloween being one) that we may be able to steal some ideas from. or just post an assignment that interests you and we will all participate! maybe give 2 weeks just so there is some sort of a deadline? here is that blog:

  2. Sounds good, let’s start out with monthly ideas and see how we go. I’ve got a few trips planned in may, plus work on the duplex, *hopefully* adopting a new dog, starting a new job, and *i think* training for a triathlon. 🙂 However, I also have a few photography events that I signed up for, and I can share the skills I learn there so we can include a photo assignment. I know for sure I’m building a lot of skills in action photography which will be great for you guys and your bugs. I’ll be put to the test soon because I’m shooting a big athletic event in jax in a few weeks! Today is my last day in Connecticut, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be up here reading all your posts and I can’t do anything crafty!!

    SE, why don’t you pick May’s assignment since it sounds like you have a little box of ideas up there? 😛 Then next month JayBee or I can pick.

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