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assignment button hole

so class…for this week’s assignment i want each of you…kidding!

but not really.

who is with me to practice sewing button holes?!?!  don’t all raise your hands at once….  you can make whatever you want or even alter something you already made but let’s see those button holes!

post pictures and any tips you learned along the way please(andthankyou)…

and to help us all out…here is a handy dandy post on the topic from a blog i enjoy.

happy button-ing!


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3 thoughts on “assignment button hole

  1. ooooh yay! i get to try out a new presser foot! aaaand i get to use some of the buttons i have in my jewelry box from old clothes. win-win!

  2. I’ve been thinking I will work from home on Friday. I have a feeling what my “breaks” will consist of 🙂

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    i love you both. 🙂

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