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decision time




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3 thoughts on “decision time

  1. I like the white minky, go for it.

    Are you planning to use one paint color or two? I know you mentioned wanting grey, and the one on the far right definitely has blue undertones. The middle and left look so similar in the pictures, although the left might have brown undertones. If that’s the case, I’d go with the middle. Really anything you do will look good, unless of course you’re doing green which I’ve found to be the hardest color to “get right”. Also, things our decorator taught us – test the colors on more than one spot so you can see it under natural light by the windows, and with your light fixtures. if your fixtures have a globe around the bulb, that will change the look of the paint. for example, we have some tuscany-styled fixtures that have beige covers and all of our paint gets a yellow hue. change the lights to white, and they all look more blue. it’s crazy.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      Great minds…. I was planning on going with the middle one too. The right is too blue and the left is too green. All the walls (including the wainscot and crown) and ceiling will be this color. Baseboards, window trim, and door trim will be white.

    • Uh, I will go with what Jamie said? I know nothing about paint. For Jordan’s room, I picked my fabric first and then brought it to benjamin moore and had them help me pick out the right blue. 🙂 I definitely have some to learn here. We rent our house, so it is a mix match of everything…including our furniture. It drives me insanely batty at times and I get so many urges to get new furniture that actually matches. It looks like we are broke, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I feel like I need a more permanent space before making major decisions like that. I’ve been actually thinking of recovering one of our sofa’s though. Right now we have my old, red, faded, chase sofa and Joe’s old dark tan one. It looks horrible, so I thought I would start with the red. His is shaped real “fluffy”, so I don’t know where I’d begin to cover that. Have you guys recovered any furniture before? I also have a rattan set from Joe’s mom in the multi purpose room. It is AWFUL print and the furniture in general isn’t my style…except if we had a sunroom or something, but of course we can’t get rid of it. So, that may be easier to recover since it’s all based on removable cushions…

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