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Teeny bib

So, I was at this cute, specialty (and expensive of course) kids store and saw these little bibs. The were smaller than half the size of the ones I make now and were made out of super thin, soft material. I thought they’d be good to make as another option for gifts. There were times when jordan was smaller that I used smaller bibs a lot because the big ones looked ridiculous in public and she drooled like a faucet. Any ideas on fabric? I figured I could still use cotton or flannel for the front, but not sure about the back. Maybe a solid flannel? Would I have to use a middle fabric (i know there is a more appropriate term, but I cant think of it 🙂 if I did that? I currently use the chenille like you Sarah, but for these I like the idea of something thinner.


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3 thoughts on “Teeny bib

  1. I’ve made a bunch of bibs with just flannel and cotton (2 pieces), and no batting. They are great, just about the same thickness as something you buy at the store.

    Where do you buy your chenille? I couldn’t find it at joann’s and I’ve been stealing everyone’s 40% off coupons for big fabric purchases. Last week flannel was $5/yard and if you are smart like me (not) you go up there with 1.8 yards of fabric on the spool, tell them you want 1, and they offer you the 0.8 at 50% off because they have to mark it as scrap. SOOO next time I go there I’m grabbing all the spools with the least amount of fabric on them. I may not know everything, but I can be taught!

    • I buy mine at Joann’s and haven’t had any issues finding it. Sometimes they have online sales too
      I always look for coupons online as well. A couple months ago, Joann’s had a huge sale on the flannel prints. I bought a ton. Have you checked Hancock Fabrics? I’ve seen it there and online too.

      • sedwards515 on said:

        i get chenille at joanns. it is usually by the minky and other “cuddly” fabrics. i always always always use their coupons and i also use jamie’s trick. and everytime i go i scour the remnant bin for flannels since i use them for the middle layer of my rag loveys. i have only done bibs with chenille and i never use batting. just the cotton and the chenille… maybe you could back it in jersey? difficult fabric to work with though since it is so stretchy… couple layers of muslin? cora and savannah have those aden and anias swaddle blankets and those are made of muslin and oh so soft!

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