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it is late and i am tired but i have issues so…

here is the third version:


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6 thoughts on “it is late and i am tired but i have issues so…

  1. OMG we’re going to cut you off if you don’t get this under control!! hee hee

    I’m just glad you didn’t post anything about button holes. I was taking bets with myself that you’d finish that assignment tonight too.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      ha! i would be lying to say i didn’t think about it. i was up, my sewing machine was on…

      but this does beg the question about why you were up at 4:30 am!?!?

      • I was thinking the same thing! Ha! You both crack me up.
        Sarah, I stared and stared trying to figure out the difference between loveys 2 and 3. When I realized it was just that you flipped 4 squares, it gave me a giggle. They both look great. I definitely like the white and if I had to choose, #3 🙂
        By the way, jordan loves the one you made her.

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    4 very important squares. lol! i didn’t like how the minky was touching corners. but now i have two herringbone squares touching colors. sigh… i think i am stuck with it though because of the new fabric i added in. i will snip it and wash it today and hope it looks good all finished.

    it makes me so happy (so happy!!!) to hear that jordan likes hers. no better compliment than that!

  3. We are all cut from the same cloth (hahaha…I crack myself up) with our OCD-ness. I would have driven myself crazy too with the squares touching colors. Remember that others are generally not that way. The person who ordered this will never notice that type of stuff. Is there a pattern online that you follow for rags or did you just wing it? I want to make one for my friend that is expecting a boy.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      har-har-har! i just wing it. i do 3 fabrics per square – the top layer is either a cotton or minky and then the middle and back layers are flannels. i try to get a little splash of color in the middle layer since all that will be exposed is the rag parts. then the back is usually a solid flannel. i have seen people use minky for the back but i think that fabric is too iffy to work with for me to do a whole back in it…

      then with the layout i just play with it till i get it right. a lot depends on the number of fabrics i am working with. the easiest is 4 fabrics – 4 minky, and 4 coordinating cottons. then i just mix it up so each row has one of each 4 but so it looks random. you could do a true pattern…i just feel for something this small it looks better random.

      let me know if you have any questions as you go! remember to sew the squares together first (if you want the “x” in the middle…i just started doing that) and when you sew a square to a square sew the back of one set to the back of another. once you have your rows you can sew them together to form the lovey. then when you have the complete lovey do a finish stitch around the whole thing.

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