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homework finished

first attempt was marginally successful. i did make a buttonhole, and it was exactly the right size for my button.  yay!  i’m not entirely happy with the results because it’s a bit sloppy-looking and i don’t quite understand how to make it look cleaner.

how did you guys cut the fabric down the middle?  i used a seam ripper, but it seems a little unfinished.  i also seem to be having some issues with my camera today, but it may have something to do with the intense sunlight coming in through the window.  all-in-all a good exercise!  still need to practice.

ok, i answered my own question.  gotta turn the stitch down to the smallest size on both settings.  duh.  (see photo below)


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One thought on “homework finished

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    awesome job! what do you mean about smallest size? share settings!

    i am going to try to put a hole in one of the pinafore’s i made elle so i can wrap the tie around to the front to better fit cora and sav tonight. stay tuned!

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