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Fabric help

I’m going to make some baby things for a friends baby. She has picked out this theme  She isn’t buying everything and want’s to mix in some blue. So, I want to do some sort of jungle mix of fabrics. Thoughts?


sew…that was short lived


i sat down to start laying out my squares that i just painstakingly cut only to discover that not only is my 3 year old refusing to nap but that i am an utter and complete moron and didn’t realize that each cross is in fact 1 long rectangle and 2 squares (i do think 5 squares would work as well) but that i only have enough to cut 4 squares per fabric.


back to the drawing board for new inspiration.

creativity is making a comeback

i am feeling ready to tackle a project again.  whew!  but until i get a new stash of fabrics (ordered today…) i want to try something new with my scraps.  i saw this the other day on one of my various searches:

unfortunately i cannot recreate that search no matter how hard i try and i didn’t note where i got the picture from.  so if this is yours…i am so sorry!  leave me a message in comments and i will properly note where this gorgeous quilt came from.  i just love the cross design and the colors are amazing.  a-ma-zing.  i made rag blankets for c & s not too long ago and have some of that material left over so i am attempting to mimic this with that.  get it?  got it.

but my scraps were small strips so my squares are small which means my quilt will be small.  but i think that is good since this will be my first “official” quilt.  wish me luck!

sewer’s block

new blanket style

this fabric seems to have a big following on etsy and i have a lot of it…  so i decided to make a new blanket style and see if it sparks any interest.  i did a basic squares front (although i topstitched each square) and a solid chenille back.  it is still fairly small in size at 22″ by 28″.  i did 5 rows of 4 squares.  my rag loveys are 4 rows of 4 squares for comparison.  i think it is a perfect size for car rides, stroller rides, and to snuggle up to.  but not what i would use to cover my child up with.

feedback welcome!


here i am!

and this is what i have been doing:

i had so much fun with this collection!  a little bummed on how the middle flannel layer shows through on some squares but it looks worse in the picture than it is in real life.

note to all:  beware of black and white fabrics!  i went a bit cross-eyed when sewing these!

i am in the sketching process of some dresses and skirts to make for the girls in the remaining fabric from this collection.  hoping to use a zipper or two with them!

here is the final collection from the sugar pop fabric i ordered.  i had this all laid out to make a couple of weeks ago and just wasn’t happy with it.  so i ordered another fabric from the line and voila!  it all came together very nicely (if i say so myself…).


i guess you could say i have this thing for owls.  i am totally a sucker for anything that has an owl on it, so i decided i needed to try making one to go with the recent ‘welcome to the world’ gift i’m making for my soon-to-be nephew.

i made this little guy in about 3 hours, but really you could make it faster if you weren’t

watching glee and getting pestered by puppies.  also, it’s made without the use of a machine, yippee!  you’re supposed to stuff it with actual stuffing, but since i had some cloth diapers sitting around i cut half of one up into bits and made my own stuffing.

pattern credit:,5648

repurposing fabric scraps

since i’ve been working on so many projects (and screwing up so many projects) i’ve been trying to find new way to use scraps.  i found this project that is super cute and i’m putting it on my to-do list:  additionally, i have been preparing a few packages to take to the post office and found it rather helpful to use my un-usable fabric scraps as packaging for breakables.  (sorry mom, a little preview to your birthday gift).

so, what do you do with your fabric scraps??

5k project

so, every year, work does the susan g komen 5k. This will be Jordan’s first debut (not including last year in my belly :). So, in the spirit, I cut up an old shirt and made her one of her own. Random craftiness at its best. haha


recovering a sofa

So, I tried to post this question last week but my phone froze. What do you think about me taking on recovering one of my sofas? We have crazy mix and match furniture right now and it drives me nuts. Since we rent our house, I don’t want to buy anything since its hard to plan for future space. Right now, the situation is hideous :). We have my 8 year old, faded, red sofa with chase that has some ink and now spitup stains. Then, in the same room is Joes overstuffed, “suede”, dark tan sofa and in the den/play room we have ratan furniture that his mom gave him with fabric on the cushions from the 80s in a dark red mixed with blue. I can upload pics later to give a better visual. Haha. So, should I take on the project of trying to recover something? Id like to start with my red sofa, but think the rattan cushions may be easier. Would this be crazy hard?

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