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homework assignment

assignment button holes is complete!

but i am somewhat bummed because i can’t make one big enough for what i wanted one for.  wah!  the tie of the pinafore is 2″ and it looks like the biggest button hole my machine makes is about 1.25″.

here are some pictures of my adventure in button hole-ing:

this was the default setting on my machine so i went with that for the first hole.

here are the 3 test holes i did with the settings.  on the far left i reduced the stitch width as much as possible keeping the stitch length on the auto setting.  on the middle i kept the auto settings.  on the right i increased the stitch length as much as possible keeping the stitch width the same.


all in all i liked the auto settings best.  here is my final assignment ready for turn in.  if only i had a spare button!


i used my snipping scissors to clip the fabric.  these are also what i use when i snip the edges of my rag loveys.  i have much better control over these than i do my general fabric cutting scissors…


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3 thoughts on “homework assignment

  1. great job! from what i can tell, if you didn’t have a button then you had to configure your machine for the size you wanted…i’m impressed! i just slapped my button in the foot and it figured out the size for me. so i guess i’m the biggest loser (i prefer most resourceful). i think as our projects become more challenging i’ll add some buttons here and there so i can keep practicing. i have the same scissors as you, but i haven’t used them yet. i’ve been working on my crafting room lately – getting it all organized. i think i’ll try to paint it next week and then make some curtains!

  2. hmmm…I think I may know what happened with my attempt. I, um, didn’t put a button in the foot. I thought I could just skip that step and it would still do it. hehe
    Jamie – will you organize my craft room/office for me? I’ve been working on it since I moved in last year. Every few weeks a bomb explodes in there. Joe can’t figure it out. 🙂

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    thanks! show pictures of your craft rooms! i was going to put up a picture of my space the other day to show you guys. but um…can i admit my jealousy to your craft ROOMS? i have a craft wall…in a corner. 😦

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