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Tangled mess…

Every time I prewash my new fabrics, I end up with a mess. Am I doing something wrong? I bought a bunch of fabric a couple months ago when Joann’s was having the big sale and decided to finally prep it for fun. It takes so long to untangle, trim and iron. ugh.



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3 thoughts on “Tangled mess…

  1. humm…interesting…i usually use my pinking shears around the edges of cotton fabrics before washing – it doesn’t eliminate the strings but it really cuts down on the number of them. does this happen in the washing machine or dryer? you could just use a bucket and woolite and then hang them to dry, unless you’re trying to pre-shrink them in which case i’ve just totally wasted your time.

  2. It happens in the wash…and yeah, I thought you were supposed to prewash so they don’t shrink after you’ve sewn them. Do I not need to do this step? I’m going to kick myself if I’ve been doing this for no reason.

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    i just figure out what to do!!! i shake them out real good before putting them in the wash so there are no folds or anything. then before you move them to the dryer give them another good shake and cut / rip the frays. i usually keep a pair of scissors by the laundry for this exact purpose. as long as you get the frays before going into the dryer you should be fine.

    i always pre-wash and dry. i have found that it makes a difference in the final product…

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