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all about thread

what kind of thread do you use?  cotton?  poly?  blend?

someone once told me to use 100% cotton for quilting so that is what i have been using.  but it isn’t the cheapest kind and i go through a lot…  the money saver in me is wondering if that is what i really should be using…

but then i think about my etsy store and i advertise that all materials are 100% cotton and how i would have to change that if i went to a poly thread…

truth be told this all stems from me needing white cotton thread and not wanting to go to joanns to get more.  although with the zipper assignment i have another reason to take the girls on a joanns adventure…


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3 thoughts on “all about thread

  1. So, in my sewing class I was told to use cotton because the poly/cotton blend can break and leave buildup in your sewing machines. She really stressed that cotton threads are nicer to your machine and they last on projects over time much better. Now, I have a ton of old thread left from my moms sewing kit and a lot of it is the poly blend. So, I’ve been using it, but then again, I have an old machine and am planning to get a new one anyway.

  2. i never pay attention when i buy thread, but your post sparked my curiosity so i did what everyone does nowadays – i googled it. this article seems to be the most helpful, so i think it’s best if you all just read it:

    i use the same thread on my bobbin, never thought to use anything different. now i am going to think about it. haha

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    too funny jamie! that tiger bib i just did had two different color threads so the top and bottom were different but it was still the same type of thread.

    i will read the article tonight…thanks!

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