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dining room pre-party

think of it as the dress rehearsal when you still don’t know what dress you are going to wear.

for some background…this room connects to both the kitchen (green) and hallway (gold).  all the furniture in it is black (chairs, table base, bar, and chandelier).  the room has no artwork and i don’t think it really can do to the high chair (?) rail.  unless we hang a picture over the chair (?) rail…which i think would be too strange.  even for me.  also note that the wall color extends to the crown molding and ceiling.

the black may be a bit too bold and modern for me but i like that print and i think b will like it.  the softer one has a lot of the colors from our house in it and i think offers a softer but still modern feel.

thoughts?  opinions?


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3 thoughts on “dining room pre-party

  1. i’ve found that my preferences always go for bold. currently i’m dying to find something to do with this, and i may just cop and make a throw pillow for the couch.

    that said, i like the black one!

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    that would be super cute for a pillow! i have this fun book (“the pillow book”) that would have some good ideas on pillows to make with that. you could embellish with…buttons, applique a bird, do a fun shape, so many options!

    b liked the black one better but wasn’t sold on either one. i think we are back to the drawing board. what i want is something in the pattern of the black one…but in a goldy-mustardy-yellow color. i think we need to use the curtains to bring in color. i don’t know long i could last with that room just being white, grey, and black…

    • I really like the idea of a print like that in mustard. I like those colors mixed. I almost bought a purse last year with gray, mustard and white 🙂

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