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no sewing required

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so this week i crossed a long-listed item off my to-do list: recovering the dining room chairs!  since this dining room set managed to survive bachelorhood at the snake ranch, multiple spilled drinks, food and most recently little addi’s play-doh extravaganza….they were in desperate need of a facelift.  this project was super cool because not only did i get to shop for very fun fabric (that was on sale 50% off this week), but i also got to perfect my staple gun skills.  i must say, if you have access to a compressor and a nail gun it’s definitely the way to go.  i used a ton of staples, and i can’t imagine pressing that manual stapler that many times.

i could still use some practice on the corners, and i thought of a new way to try it after they were finished (of course) but next time i’ll have it down!

Fabric: Adora Mulberry


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3 thoughts on “no sewing required

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    beautiful! and share the tips on the corners when you can. i had some tricky corners when i did elle’s “E” in her room and went through twice as much fabric as needed…

    love the 50% off sale! went to joanns today and may have found my dining room curtain fabric… (also got 3 zippers and white cotton thread…)

    • ok, share your potential curtain fabric! i am debating between a few of them myself. i want to make a few valances for the kitchen and i must’ve stood in the fabric section for about an hour today. ugh.

      • sarah on said:

        i will take a picture tomorrow. the lighting is too awful at night and that way i can show off all our work over the weekend too…the room is all painted! the 2 choices are about as different as night and day though!

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