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Sewing machine recommendations?

It is going to take me some time to decide so I thought I’d start my research now. Do you guys have any sewing machine recommendations? Any must haves; things you wish you had; things you could have done without; specific brands/models you recommend?


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3 thoughts on “Sewing machine recommendations?

  1. haha we’re going to have the same answer here. SE and i don’t have the exact same machine, but they’re pretty close and both brothers (the brand name, the machines do not share a mother). i’ve been really happy with mine, it’s easy to use and besides user error hasn’t had any problems. it’s also inexpensive so i think it’s probably a starter machine. here is the link to it:

    i bought it from a sewing machine / vacuum store (why are those two products sold together?) and they were really awesome because they sat me down and showed me how to use it, all the features, etc. whenever i get stuck on something i just call the woman up and she talks me through it.

    the features i like best are the automatic needle threader (i hate trying to stick my thread through that itty bitty hole), the large amount of stitch types, the bobbin threading mechanism, and the cover. i’ll add some pictures of it so you can see.

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    i like my brother! i think you are safe with a basic brother or singer though. i can’t imagine mine was more than $150 since it was a gift from my dad and step-mom…

    i like all the things jamie mentioned and i also like that my bobbin cover is clear. helps me both to make sure the bobbin thread caught correctly and let’s me know when i am almost out of bobbin thread!

    the extension piece is super nice too…gives me a larger base and helps me control the fabric easier.

    happy shopping!

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    and…um…you know how i just said that a favorite thing of my sewing machine is the clear bobbin cover because it helps me know when i am low on bobbin thread and if i have caught the bobbin thread correctly? well i just started sewing and ran out of bobbin thread and sewed unknowing for a length of a bib. then after loading up a new bobbin thread and catching it i re-sewed the rest of the bib to find out that i in fact did not catch the bobbin thread correctly. so (sew?) the moral of the story is that you only sew as good as you sew. the machine just follows your orders!

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