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recovering a sofa

So, I tried to post this question last week but my phone froze. What do you think about me taking on recovering one of my sofas? We have crazy mix and match furniture right now and it drives me nuts. Since we rent our house, I don’t want to buy anything since its hard to plan for future space. Right now, the situation is hideous :). We have my 8 year old, faded, red sofa with chase that has some ink and now spitup stains. Then, in the same room is Joes overstuffed, “suede”, dark tan sofa and in the den/play room we have ratan furniture that his mom gave him with fabric on the cushions from the 80s in a dark red mixed with blue. I can upload pics later to give a better visual. Haha. So, should I take on the project of trying to recover something? Id like to start with my red sofa, but think the rattan cushions may be easier. Would this be crazy hard?


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2 thoughts on “recovering a sofa

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    do it! but i would probably do the cushions as a starter project…and you can test out the zipper assignment while at it! i think for a whole sofa i would pay someone else to do it though… i had e’s glider refinished when we moved 2 moves ago and it was definitely affordable considering the headache it would have given me…

  2. i’ve never tried to recover a couch, but i expect it would be quite an undertaking. before you start i would get a quote to have someone recover it for you – with the cost of fabric, it might be worthwhile. i had a rocking chair recovered and while i’m sure i could’ve figured out how to do it, they did it in just a few days and it’s perfect. once you deduct the price i would’ve had to pay for the fabric, it was less than $100 for the labor.

    if the quote to recover is insane, i would definitely move forward with doing it yourself! just start small and check out online tutorials / message boards. i think you could find some people who’ve done it before and could help you figure it out. keep us posted!!

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