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repurposing fabric scraps

since i’ve been working on so many projects (and screwing up so many projects) i’ve been trying to find new way to use scraps.  i found this project that is super cute and i’m putting it on my to-do list:  additionally, i have been preparing a few packages to take to the post office and found it rather helpful to use my un-usable fabric scraps as packaging for breakables.  (sorry mom, a little preview to your birthday gift).

so, what do you do with your fabric scraps??


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2 thoughts on “repurposing fabric scraps

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    i put them in a bin labeled…drum roll please…”fabric scraps”. lol! i did see a super cute quilt idea to do with them but i don’t think i am ready to take on a full blown quilt. seems too…daunting. but i have learned how to maximize the fabric i buy to limit the amount of scraps. after much trial and error i now know that a 20″ cut gives me 1 burp cloth, 2 bibs, and ~ 9 squares. the 9 squares only works out if the fabric isn’t uni-directional. otherwise the way i have to position the bibs cuts into the number of squares i get…

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    p.s. that pillow is too cute! you must make one! and even better…make one with a zipper enclosure to knock out your homework assignment!

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