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just a few good friends, sharing adventures in family, arts, and sometimes heavy machinery

here i am!

and this is what i have been doing:

i had so much fun with this collection!  a little bummed on how the middle flannel layer shows through on some squares but it looks worse in the picture than it is in real life.

note to all:  beware of black and white fabrics!  i went a bit cross-eyed when sewing these!

i am in the sketching process of some dresses and skirts to make for the girls in the remaining fabric from this collection.  hoping to use a zipper or two with them!

here is the final collection from the sugar pop fabric i ordered.  i had this all laid out to make a couple of weeks ago and just wasn’t happy with it.  so i ordered another fabric from the line and voila!  it all came together very nicely (if i say so myself…).


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2 thoughts on “here i am!

  1. excellent work! i still don’t understand how you make the loveys, and i like how the middle fabric shows through on the edges (i would have never noticed the fabric showing through the squares if you wouldn’t have said anything). how are your etsy sales going? i was reading an article the other day about how when you contribute to the etsy message boards you get more traffic to your store, and more sales. not sure what that entails, but it was an interesting article.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      thanks! the sales are going well! i mean…considering that i have done nothing other than put them up in terms of advertising or promotions. i have 11 sales and 2 of them were non-family and non-friend related! i also have had a handful of custom orders come through that i sold outside of etsy. so all in all since i went “public” i think i have had a total of 17 orders.

      interesting with the posting on the message boards. i wonder if it alters where you appear in the search results? hmmmm…

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