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new blanket style

this fabric seems to have a big following on etsy and i have a lot of it…  so i decided to make a new blanket style and see if it sparks any interest.  i did a basic squares front (although i topstitched each square) and a solid chenille back.  it is still fairly small in size at 22″ by 28″.  i did 5 rows of 4 squares.  my rag loveys are 4 rows of 4 squares for comparison.  i think it is a perfect size for car rides, stroller rides, and to snuggle up to.  but not what i would use to cover my child up with.

feedback welcome!



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2 thoughts on “new blanket style

  1. great blanket, i love the fabric! i am not very good at lining up corners for quilting projects like this, do you have any secrets? i just got a big fabric delivery, so i’m dying to start a few new projects. i’m trying to find the perfect project that includes a zipper. 🙂 next week i should be good to go, since this weekend we’re heading out on a camping / kayaking adventure!

    • sedwards515 on said:

      hmmm…i don’t think i have any secrets to the squares. i think the biggest thing is just consistency. both with how you cut your squares and how you sew them together. assuming you cut them all the same and sew them with the same seam allowance…then they should line up. but believe you me…i know they always don’t! that is one reason why i like the rag blankets so much. they are very, very, very forgiving in terms of lining up the corners!

      camping and kayaking! what fun!

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