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creativity is making a comeback

i am feeling ready to tackle a project again.  whew!  but until i get a new stash of fabrics (ordered today…) i want to try something new with my scraps.  i saw this the other day on one of my various searches:

unfortunately i cannot recreate that search no matter how hard i try and i didn’t note where i got the picture from.  so if this is yours…i am so sorry!  leave me a message in comments and i will properly note where this gorgeous quilt came from.  i just love the cross design and the colors are amazing.  a-ma-zing.  i made rag blankets for c & s not too long ago and have some of that material left over so i am attempting to mimic this with that.  get it?  got it.

but my scraps were small strips so my squares are small which means my quilt will be small.  but i think that is good since this will be my first “official” quilt.  wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “creativity is making a comeback

  1. hey, can i steal this pattern, i love it!

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    please do! i am going nowhere fast with it… 🙂

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