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project: crib bedding

brendan’s cousin and her husband are having their second child (a girl!) and asked me to make the crib bedding.  truth be told i am not sure if i am more honored or nervous…  but the fabric started coming in today and i am definitely excited!  i picked 7 different patterns from kate spain’s (for moda) fandango line.  subtle and soft and feminine but with loads of colors.  i love them!

i am tasked with a crib bumper, crib skirt, changing pad cover(s), and a large rag quilt.

for the bumper i will use this tutorial but i am not going to make it patchwork; i plan on using 2 main fabrics (one for each side) and then another for the trim and ties.

for the skirt i will use this tutorial but i am not sure if i will pleat the sides or not.  thoughts?  i am also on the fence on if the fabric for the skirt should be the same as one of the sides of the bumper or of the trim and ties.  thoughts on that?

for the changing pad cover i will use this tutorial.

very open to feedback and lessons learned from anyone who has made any of the above!

when all the fabric comes in i will take some pictures and share my thoughts on what fabric to use for what items.  i am super excited to try something new!


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3 thoughts on “project: crib bedding

  1. love this! so fun! when i made jordan’s skirt, i didn’t do the pleats, but that is just because i had pregnancy brain and left them off on accident. i was upset at first, but still like the way it looks. it lays very clean. the pleats look nice too, so i guess it is just a matter of style. i also like the idea of having the skirt fabric match the trim and ties so its not too much of one fabric. let me know how the bumper goes. i didn’t make one for jordan because i wanted the breathable bumper when she was little. now that she is bigger, i’ve been thinking of making a bumper with the extra fabric i have. i also have enough fabric to do some crib sheets too. now, if i could just get back to sewing. life has been nutty.

  2. what is a crib skirt? is it like a bed skirt? you guys need to talk to me in adult language sometimes, haha. i need to tie up loose ends on wedding stuff…it is insane how long it’s taking me to design the photo album, i think it’s the curse of too many great photos.

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