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to do list…

here is mine:

21 bibs; 19 burp cloths.  yikes.  but i have some new fabrics in there that i can’t wait to put up for sale.  an old high school friend also offered to sell some of my items on consignment in chicago for me!  super exciting.  she and her brother (english majors…why does that sound strange?  her and her brother?  she and she’s brother?  i dread my girls coming home from school with grammar questions…) opened up a coffee shop / children’s playspace that seems to be doing really well.  hopefully my items will be a good fit for her clients and sell!

and another side project i have been working on and can check off my list are my new business cards!  with the help of an old soccer friend and her design skills, here is a sneak peak (!!!):

click here for more information on her design services.


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5 thoughts on “to do list…

  1. super cute cards!

  2. isn’t that the same person who did your moving boxes cards? although i thought her biz had a different name…maybe i’m just getting old. they look great!! does the coffee shop have a website? congrats on expanding your business! i’m drowning in my to-do list right now, but I did finish a nice little gift for our friend’s baby jackson, yay me!

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    yes! it is the same person. 🙂 here is the website for the store. looks like a fun place! pass it on to any chicago moms (or dads!).

  4. so what does the 515 stand for? it’s not your birthday, anniversary, or kids birthdays if i have all the dates correct…and i don’t recall you ever having that address…is it perhaps the last 3 digits of your credit card? because i’ll get started on gathering the rest of the digits right away.

  5. sedwards515 on said:

    east lansing address!

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