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felt bad, so here you go

so after my last post i felt like a weenie…sure, i’ve been busy, but i can find an hour or two for sewing projects…so i whipped up a little quilt using the pattern we talked about a few weeks back.    at first i decided to cut out crosses instead of squares because I thought it would be easier, but after about 3 minutes trying to sew the various tetris pieces, i cut them all into squares.

does anyone know how to line up squares better?  i think my cutting skills need improvement first of all, but besides that i can’t for the life of me get the corners to all line up.  there must be a trick.

the final product is smaller than i wanted, but to be honest i was getting sleepy and my back was starting to hurt, so i didn’t cut anymore.  it’s pretty interesting how much the quilt shrinks when you sew everything, which makes sense.

any ideas for quilt stitch patterns?  i just did the border and then two diagonal stitches before calling it a night.  i’ll finish the rest tomorrow, but i think it’s cute!  all in all i think it took about 3 hours, including cutting time (and a break for a pb&j sandwich).


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3 thoughts on “felt bad, so here you go

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    super duper cute! i love it!

    what do you use to cut your squares? i use a 6″ square ruler and just trace it. and i use normal fabric scissors. not a fan of pinking shears… what is the back material? cotton or flannel?

    i think i would just continue the diagonals with the quilting stitches.

    awesome job!

  2. Katie on said:

    here’s a blog post where she explains how to get squares in a quilt to line up nice and neatly: she says to google the explanation for (and video for) nest patchwork quilt seams.

    as far as stitching, i think diagonal or just plain stitch in the ditch is good enough. my mom does the swirly freehand stuff, but i haven’t tried it yet.

  3. SE – i used flannel on the back, i bought a ton of it so i’m using it on literally everything.

    katie – that picnic blanket tutorial is A-DOR-A-BLE! i might have to add that to my looooong list of cool projects. when are you coming over to sew with me?? bring the little dude, he can entertain us! (no, i’m not talking about jason)

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