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why i’m not sewing

there are many reasons why i haven’t been sewing lately, all which are perfectly acceptable in my mind!!

first, charlie.  he’s a doll and shorty loves having another fur baby in the house full-time.

we enrolled in beginner training classes and spend lots of time practicing skills.  he’s only had a few accidents in the house, and only escaped the yard 3 times (which is why i was up all night last night installing the anti-escape fencing).

i also planted a few honeysuckle plants along the fence line which will eventually grow to cover the entire fence.  it will look great and smell even better!  hopefully these are fast-growing plants because i am not a fan of the “growing out” process – which is also true of hair!

second, framing / photography projects – we bought some art work in prague that is super cool and i had a helluva time picking out frames.  in the end i just went for it, and i think they look great!  proudly displayed for all to see in the main part of our home.

 i also bought a bunch of similar looking frames for the hallway upstairs and am working on getting those situated.  the big photos are coming from the wedding photographer, so we’ll enjoy the upside down stranger for a little while longer.

third, yakking.  i’ve taken my kayaking up a notch, spending days in outfitters testing different boats, reading reviews online, and pouring through craigslist.  in the end i settled on the QCC400x, a custom yak that i bought used from a friend-of-a-friend.  i’m happy because it’s retail price is $2500 and i got it for $700.  with a lifetime warranty, how can you complain?  i put both of my old yaks on craigslist and they sold within 24 hours.  this was fantastic except that i also sold the paddles and now i’m literally up a creek without a paddle.  commence online shopping!

lastly, shipping.  apparently i’ve been storing up stacks of stuff that i’ve either made or bought for friends and family, but never pulled the trigger on sending to them (jaybee, one of these is yours!)  this is the second stack that i’ve prepared for this week.  the post office hates me.  or loves me, depending on how you look at it.  for reference, this isn’t even everything, just the stack that looked neat and tidy.


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3 thoughts on “why i’m not sewing

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    busy bee! the pictures look fabulous! and the anti escape fence project i can relate too… although i haven’t bit the bullet and done anything yet. i figure she will come home when hungry…right? 😉 cracking up at your post office pile! you do know you can do it all online and schedule a pick up at your house…right?

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    oh…and so very much jealous about all the kayaking you are doing! or…will do wonce you get a paddle. 🙂 so fun! that is one thing i am looking forward to doing once the kiddos get older and i can leave them at home or take them with me. that and golf. i would like to golf again one day too… but enough about me. go you!

  3. Katie on said:

    charlie is soooo cute! i was wondering who that little guy on your facebook profile pic was – i thought it looked slightly different than shorty! nina says she can’t wait to meet him (haha).

    where did you get honeysuckle? so jealous!

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