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no bias

today i decided to make a fun little art smock for my niece, who loves painting.  i followed the pattern from one yard wonders, and everything was going splendidly until it came time for the dreaded bias tape.  all in all i’d say about 80% of it is great, but when you miss a little piece or you botch a corner…well it doesn’t matter that 80% is good, because it’s 100% ruined.  now the decision is…do i start totally over or do i try to salvage the pieces and just redo the bias?

decisions, decisions…

also i need to make a closure on the back – i was thinking about making a ribbon tie with the accent fabric from the pocket on the front.  any other ideas?

here you can see the corner, which is terrible.  (the photo isn’t that good either, i couldn’t for the life of me get a good shot that wasn’t blurry).

the last picture shows what it looks like when you miss a piece of the fabric all together.  i played with it for a while until i just got frustrated.  anywhoo, i learned a few things about working with bias tape and will definitely need more practice!!

fabric: arianna daisy diva in gold/turquoise and arianna sunburst in olive/gold, both by jennifer young for benartex.  all fabric was purchased at scrappygirlshoppe.

**Update 6/6/2011**
I consulted with a few of my sewing mentors… They all claim that this was an advanced project and I did great as a beginner. I hope this wasn’t just an attempt to make me feel better. They also said that 1. the recipient will probably never notice or care about the icky mistakes (I did pull it apart for the photo), and 2. I could just redo the gap using a zig zag stitch to lock in the previously stitched section. I do think there is a need to practice more with bias tape because I found some helpful tutorials online that use it differently from what I did. I’ll keep you updated!


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2 thoughts on “no bias

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    i think it looks awesome! great job! bias tape is HARD. i hate it. so much that i don’t use it. the chenille blankets that i do that have a binding i cheat on and do right sides together, flip over, and have the second side wider than the first so when i topstitch i go through to the chenille and you don’t even realize it. i think it is so hard to line up and get even on both sides. hate. so on that note…i second the opinion of your mentors and i say you did fantastic! from a mom’s perspective i would say velcro to attach. or a snap. but a snap is probably too late since you would need to apply some sort of interfacing. velcro. that way the kid can take it off buy him / herself too.

  2. thanks! i used velcro like you suggested, and it looks great. i also ripped the seams from the areas where the fabric pulled away and re-stitched it. this time i did a blanket stitch on the back side of the bias tape to hold the fabric in place, then ran it through the machine. once that was done i ripped out the blanket stitch…not the way the pros do it, but it worked for me! i couldn’t use pins because of the small opening and the shape of the fabric, they couldn’t hold it together properly.

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