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how much is too much…

…fabric in one room?

above are the fabrics i ordered for the crib bedding project i am working on.  i think i have 7 different patterns; 4 1 yard pieces, 2 3 yard pieces, and 1 2 yard piece.

i am unable to make a decision on what material to use for what.  my to do list is:  1 bumper, 1 skirt, 2 changing pad covers, 1 quilt.

this is where i was at just moments ago:

the top fabric was to be used for the skirt, the middle and bottom where each 1 side of the bumper, and the diagonal fabric with the circles was going to be used for the sashing and ties of the bumper.

that left these two for the changing pad covers:

which is great.  i like those fabrics fine and think they would work perfect since the other fabric i selected for the covers is a plain white cream color so it would coordinate perfectly.

but…that also means that the changing pad cover fabrics are not in the bedding.  at all.  is that ok?  i feel like they should be a more integral part of the bedding.  thoughts?  should i use the bumper fabrics for the changing pad covers and just use the other ones in the quilt?  or can i use 5 totally separate fabrics for 4 totally separate things?



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2 thoughts on “how much is too much…

  1. personally, i love the fabrics and the colors…i think you could (and should) use all of them for the various components of the room. as a caveat, i am not a fan of matchy-matchy anything (which is why i do not like baby bedding sets usually). i think if you make all the items in different fabrics and then “summarize” it with a quilt using your scraps, that would be awesome. just remember, they are going to love that you made all of those things for them, and there is no wrong way to do it! you will of course want it to be perfect, but your definition of perfect will be so much more developed than theirs. i’m so glad you posted, i was getting antsy waiting on an update on the bedding project!!

  2. agree agree! use it all! my changing cover fabrics are not in the bedding either, but the lovey you made me has them all in there and it kind of ties everything together. i had always planned on making a quilt with all the fabrics i chose. i like jamie’s suggestion.

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