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ribbon blanket

my neighbor came over the other day and said that she thought i should make some ribbon blankets because babies love to pick the blankets up by the ribbon and rub the ribbon between their fingers.  it seemed easy enough, so i whipped one up using some extra flannel and ribbon i had laying around.  i don’t think a baby will mind that the colors don’t really go together.  overall this project was super easy and took no time at all, so i would definitely recommend it for beginners.  the only thing someone could get tripped up on is the placement of the ribbons.  just spend about 2 minutes laying a few out and thinking about how they will lay, and you’ll be fine!


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2 thoughts on “ribbon blanket

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    it’s a taggie! 🙂 that is what i always call them anyway. love it! my niece was obsessed with the tag of her blanket when she was a baby. i mean OBSESSED. when you put her to bed she cried, “tag! tag! tag!” until she had the tag in her hand against her cheek. this blanket is (was?) her dream blanket!

  2. ok, awesome! then I’m definitely going to give it to someone. i think i need to give it to the next baby girl…we’ve had 5 boys in a row so hopefully somebody has a girl soon. there is only about 300x more cute girl fabric, and i’m tired of searching for cute boy stuff. i did find some sweet fabric i ordered last week but the shop is taking it’s sweet time taking it to the post office.

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