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dont you hate when…

…you don’t have enough material?  i sure do..

but at least progress has been made!  i have been sidelined due to a major mis-read in my supplies and i was way short on my sashing fabric.  somehow i missed that it said “2” strips of 3″ by 156″ fabric.  and i only had enough for 1 strip.  sigh…

but here is what i accomplished today:

cut what i thought was all of the material for the sashing and the ties.

the tutorial i am using suggested the following (what i did and recommend doing for this step is in italics):

sashing:  2 strips of 3″ by 156″ – next time i will cut 12 strips of 3″ by 28″.  this will be enough to cover the sashing for both the top and the bottom and will already be cut in the sizes needed.  2 for each end piece and 4 for each long piece (assuming you are placing the ties in the middle of the sashing to allow it to be reversible; if this is not needed for your bumper then you could cut 4 strips of 3″ by 28″ and 4 strips of 3″ by 53″).  

ties:  24 15″ lengths of double fold stitched bias (or non-bias) tape – i cut 12 strips of 2″ by 30″ and made my double fold stitch bias from that.  then i sewed it into the sashing on the fold so i had my 2 15″ pieces stick out.   

loops:  2 3″ lengths of double fold stitched bias (or non-bias) tape – i cut 1 strip of 2″ by 6″ and will cut that in half when it comes time to sew it in.

made double fold stitched bias (or non-bias since i didn’t cut on the bias) tape for the ties.


sewed 1 30″ tie into the middle of 2 sashing pieces.  repeat for other long piece.
this will be used for the middle tie on the long pieces.  other than the fact that i am not making a patchwork bumper this was where i deviated from the tutorial.  i opted to make this bumper reversible (not having a set front or back so the mom-to-be can select what she wants to use) and place the ties in the top / middle of the sashing instead of between the sashing and a front side of fabric.  also, not having the crib that this bumper was going to go on i had to guess where the crib rails are for the placement of the ties.  i just plunked them smack in the middle of the long side.  hopefully this was accurate and if not hopefully my ties are long enough to cover any error.  (side note:  this was when i realized that i did not have enough material for all the sashing.  grrr…)

cut material for 1 side of bumper.

backing fabric (since i am not doing a patchwork side both my sides can be considered backing):  9” wide x 156+” long (4 strips of 9” wide, 45” long fabric, joined) – i cut 2 pieces of 9″ by 53″ and 2 pieces of 9″ by 28″.  this was based on a 27″ by 52″ crib and using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

sewing right sides together and using a 1/2″ seam allowance sewed the long piece of sashing (with the ties in the middle) to the long piece of fabric.  repeat for other long piece, and 2 short pieces.

cut material for other side of bumper.  again, i cut 2 pieces of 9″ by 53″ and 2 pieces of 9″ by 28″.

sewed right sides together to the sashing.  long pieces to long pieces and short pieces to short pieces.

this was where i had to stop because i ran out of sashing material.  but here is a picture of one long piece hanging over the bumper batting.


all in all i think i will really like this when it is complete!  i plan on making 4 “tubes” first for each side of the crib.  then when i attach one tube to another i will sew in the ties to the sashing.

stay tuned for more on this project when the material comes in!  tomorrow night i will tackle the crib skirt and maybe the changing pad covers…


new fabric came and i was able to continue project:  crib bumper!

i cut the sashing into 6 strips of 3″ by 28″.  then i attached the sashing to a short side of the bumper sewing right sides together to one fabric and then the other forming a tube.  i repeated this for the other short side.  i also selected one tube to be the end and placed a tie in the top and bottom and sewed a seam up the side.


next i sewed a tie into the center of 2 sashing pieces to form one long piece which i sewed to a long side of the bumper.  again i sewed right sides together to one fabric and then the other forming a tube for the long sides.  i repeated this for the other long side.  now i have 4 tubes, 2 short and 2 long.


the next step was sewing the tubes together to make one gigantic tube.  you also had to attach the ties at the seams where the pieces join.  i started by turning the short side that i had closed up one end of and turned it right side in.  then i shoved that into a long tube that was still inside out.  lined up the edges, placed the ties in, and sewed it up.  repeat that for each tube until you have one super long gigantic tube!  stuff it with your batting or foam, place your loops, sew up the end, and you are done!


i wish it was that easy though.  stuffing with the batting was a tad painful as the thing really is long.  and then closing up the end was tough because the bumper is stuffed right to the end.  i ended up folding the foam back so i had more material to work with and then just had to maneuvre the foam back into the corners when it was all closed up.  the other thought i had was to change my foot to a zipper foot but…well…i didn’t do that.  anyway, i am super duper pleased with how it turned out.  even more excited that it fit the crib!  whoo-hoo!

see finished product here.


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8 thoughts on “dont you hate when…

  1. this is such a great post, i love that you’re working with such fun fabrics and you’ve taken on quite the aggressive project so you’ll build some great skills. everything looks like its coming along so nicely, and i’m sure the recipient is going to LOOOVE it! keep the pictures coming, you’re doing a fabulous job!

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  3. Hi there! LOVE your gorgeous bumper! Can you tell me the amount of fabric you ended up needing to complete your bumper, and about what kind/size of batting you used? I’m thinking of tackling this project very soon! Thanks so much!

    • sedwards515 on said:

      hi sm! thanks for the comment! i ordered more than needed (well…except for the sashing material!) because i knew i also wanted to make a quilt and some bibs and burp cloths. that being said, what i ended up using on the bumper was about 1 and 3/4 yards of a 44 / 45″ width fabric for each side panel and about 1 and 1/2 yards of a 44 / 45″ width fabric for the sashing and ties. i used the “nu foam” bumper padding that is sold at most craft stores (i got mine at jo-anns). good luck with your project and let me know if any other questions come up while making it!

  4. Thank you so much for your response! I got started on all the baby bedding today (completed two crib sheets and a changing pad cover), but am so dreading the bumper for some reason… Eek!

    One last question: the nufoam inserts, I believe they come in six pieces, correct? So do you feed those in individually or did you sew them together or something?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • sedwards515 on said:

      Hello! Please let me know how your project goes! The nufoam does come in 6 pieces and I did not sew them together. I think with the way there is a natural gap at the corners the middle pieces on the long sides will stay together nicely.

  5. amelia on said:

    Love the fabric you used, where do you order from? I am forever searching for pretty fabric outside of Hancock and JoAnn’s but am never sure where to look!

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