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go bruins!

or something like that.

also, go me!  i finished 2 changing pad covers today.  completed one at naptime and then one during the 3rd period of the hockey game.  all in all it is a quick and easy project that i think will pack a big punch in a nursery!

i followed the tutorial and try as i might i don’t think i made any changes.  but there is the caveat that i don’t know how well it fits because i do not have a changing pad to test it on.  fingers (and toes!) are crossed that it fits.  i used cotton for the top 1/3rd and a cream flannel for the bottom 2/3rds.



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6 thoughts on “go bruins!

  1. nicely done! how did you like working with elastic? my next project involves elastic, so we’ll see how that goes. i think everything is looking great! is be’s cousin following your blog or will the reveal be a big surprise? you should videotape it like an hgtv reveal, that would be hysterical. the baby is going to love being inspired by such fantastic fabrics!

    • sedwards515 on said:

      thank you! and that would be hilarious…i could put a hidden camera in the package to capture the reactions. i just hope they like it! it is so nerve-wracking making something like this for someone! eeeks! as i far as i know they are not following me here. cousin…are you out there reading this?

      elastic wasn’t too bad. i hadn’t really worked with it before either but at the end of the day it was fairly simple. i made a tube and then threaded the elastic through. i didn’t have to use elastic thread or anything like that. if i plan on making more of these i would purchase a better threader than using a safety pin though. that was somewhat tedious…

      what is your elastic project?

      • i’m making a shopping cart / high chair cover for my friend. just got both fabrics in today, but i need to run to the store to get the elastic and nylon straps (for the seat belt thingy). supposedly this cart cover folds up into it’s own bag with a strap too, for easy carrying. we’ll see! i also think it may be reversible, if the pictures are true…standby…

  2. wow, this is awesome! so proud of you! you are inspiring me to add more to jordan’s nursery. we are moving this week…to the house next door of all things and i’ve just started painting the nursery over there. never a dull moment for the burney’s. it’s insanity. my sewing machine hasn’t been touched in what feels like ages due to all the maddness. i can’t wait to get my office/craft room setup. my current space has these wonderful built-ins. so, i will be sad to lose them and will need to look for some organizing things. let me know if you guys have any suggestions! i will have to post some pics of my “blank” canvas 🙂

    • sedwards515 on said:

      moving next door???? do tell… what color are you painting jordan’s room? pictures please!

      organization is my nemesis. i have a bunch of wall shelves that i keep “nice”er looking bins in to store my stuff. it isn’t the best but it works for what we have. my ideal is to have built-ins put in but until then…

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