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steppin it up a notch

could use some improvement in cutting skills

this thing is a monster, takes up the whole table

ok so the kids apron was a tough little project, but i survived.  learned a few things, got a little more confident so what do you do next…well, i am tackling yet another advanced project.  this one involves lots of new materials – elastic, nylon webbing and plastic buckles.  i think since i used d-rings in my last project (to be displayed on friday), i shouldn’t have any trouble with these.  where i’m expecting to have trouble is with the self-made bias tape (because i already have a loathsome relationship with the stuff).  also, this project requires a lot more material than i’ve ever worked with, so i’m experiencing the art of bunching up all kinds of fabric under your sewing machine.  it took forever to cut out all the pieces for this project; seemingly because i’m used to cutting out bib-sized pieces, but still.  i ended up needing to take a nap after i cut everything because my back hurt.

anywhoo, my friends asked me to make one for their son and i found this cute fabric called dino dudes with coordinating ta dot teal fabric.  i’m using mccall’s pattern m5721, which includes not only a seat belt for the child, but also folds up into a handy little carrying sack with a shoulder strap .  we shall see how this goes!


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One thought on “steppin it up a notch

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    go you! it looks complex… circles??? must be the leg holes. good luck and keep us posted! self made bias tape is the only kind i use. i like it. but watch the fingers when you are ironing! i swear i seared off my fingerprints making the ties for that bumper…

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