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stuffed, sewn, and tied

introducing…the crib bumper!


i put it on one of our cribs and it fit!  whew!  here are the two sides of it.  the ties come out of the top of the sashing so it can be “worn” either way and look the same.


here are some close ups of the ties.  i really like the loop on one end that you tie the ties of the other end into.  i remember with my girls’ bumpers there was always a gap where the two ends meet.  this is a really nice way to make it continuous (no pacis, arms, or legs will escape!).

i am going to continue the steps i used in the original post just to keep it all in one place.  but when all is said and done i would definitely do this project again!  let me know if you have any questions!

in case you are interested, here is the post that details the steps i used to make this.  enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “stuffed, sewn, and tied

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  2. i love your bumpers!! –> this is probably the only time i can get away with saying that to you, so i had to go for it. hee hee. but seriously, i love the fabrics more and more and while i don’t know how often you flip bumpers over, i think having different fabric on either side makes them even cuter. i’m sure this new baby is going to be artistically inspired! you did a great job on the ties. how do you keep the fabric so straight when you do them? i am lazy (nothing new there) so i just eyeball it while i’m ironing the seams and then they turn out all different widths. i’m currently calling that my signature move, but really i would like to not do it anymore.

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    thank you!!! i had a lot of fun with it and just hope that she likes it too… i packed it up and sent it off yesterday. fingers crossed! i just eyeball the bias tape too. but i always use a fabric that has a linear pattern so as long as i keep the fold consistent i am good…i was really anal this time though and made sure all my strips had the same pattern on them so they were all consistent. wasted some fabric but it would have driven me crazy if it was off… barf. i know. 🙂

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