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hidin’ hooters

i wanted to make cute hooter hiders for both of my sister-in-laws who are pregnant.  i thought it would be fun to make them in complementary fabric with matching burp cloths, so i whipped these up.  i used the pattern from ruffledbegonia’s etsy store which adds a cute little ruffle to the standard cover.  in general these were easy to make, and i got to use some new materials – namely boning and d-hooks.  the d-hooks were pretty exciting, but the boning was super cool.  i made two big mistakes while making these – for the first one (yellow & teal), i worked past midnight and totally abandoned the directions at the last minute when making the long neck strap.  needless to say this did not go well because the strap ended up looking worse than you can imagine (and i know you have excellent imaginations).  i sat on it a few days, disgusted with myself before i finally picked up the seam ripper and started over.  now it looks much better!  on the second one i made an even more fatal error; when i bought the boning for some moronic reason i asked for 2″ more than i needed.  at the time this sounded like a good idea in case i made a mistake, but instead i forgot that i had more than i needed and used all that was remaining on the neckline for the cover.  meaning: the neck opening is significantly larger, and i fear it may end up being revealing (which by the way defeats the purpose of the cover).  by the time i realized what i’d done i was finished with the whole thing and didn’t want to start over.  i’m hoping its not that big of a deal and it still works, but if not i will gladly take it back and fix it.

the only modification i made was to eliminate the lining fabric because i was afraid it would be too hot.  i also found that my sewing machine will not sew on boning like the instructions imply.   i had to carefully stitch around the outermost edge, which wasn’t easy and i broke my thread at least 4 times.

for the burp cloths i used regular old cloth diapers and added a patch of coordinating fabric.  piece of cake!  it was fun to try and use up all my scraps.  all i did was cut a 4″ strip a little longer than the diaper, fold the edges over about 1/4″ on all sides, press the edges good and then top stitch all the way around.  anybody can do that!


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One thought on “hidin’ hooters

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    this is great! i am loving the “non” hooter hider. ha ha! but i bet it will be fine. you sort of just toss them over you when you are nursing and the boning just allows you to see their face better from above. love the fabrics! tell me more about how you sewed the boning in…confused there. any pictures?

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