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nursery updates…finally

here are some pics of the old/new nursery space. we moved over the weekend and what a mess i have before me! lots to do for sure. i’m ready for some new creativity too. sarah – i love love your bumper (hehe). i really want to attempt that if i can. now that jordan is bigger, i can move beyond the breathable one. i want to take advantage of the new space and add some things. the first nursery was very basic with my sewing. it was impressive for me to sew a square. i guess i should move up. 🙂

as per my last couple posts…sparce as they are…life has been full…and i mean full. last week, i put in my notice at work. big big decision, but i have an opportunity to work with less stress and i will get to work from home most of the time. i’ve been craving this type of flexibility and opportunity to be with my sweet one more, so i am excited. super sad to leave though. it’s not public internally yet, so don’t go posting on facebook or anything. 🙂

so, here are the pics. first, the old nursery. little one was quite the helper!

then…the new space. i had a hard time capturing the space well. i love the room, but it has become challenging figuring out where to place everything and how to use it well. the ceiling is great. if you have any recommendations, please tell me!



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5 thoughts on “nursery updates…finally

  1. omg, i am so happy for you! you are totally excused from posting, i can’t believe you’re doing all that at once! we can share stories of multi-life changes all at once…i’ll be in hotlanta in the next few weeks. 🙂
    i love her new space, it’s so architecturally interesting and i’m sure she’ll be able to find all kinds of nooks and crannies to get into (and stairs!). i just saw a blog post from someone who created book hammocks in her daughters room, and thought that would be a cool sewing project, and a neat way to use similar fabric on the walls (to match nursery linens, etc). i think you should hire 515 to make your bedding!! i really like the colored spheres you had hanging in her old room, are you going to keep them? i am a fan of lots of color in a kids room.
    she seems to like the ceiling fan 🙂 man, she is so cute!

  2. thanks! i actually really have been thinking of hiring 515. i have so much to do, gifts to make, that it might be nice to have a pro create something for her nursery 🙂
    i definitely want to hang the pom pom spheres, but i cant figure out where since the ceiling is so challening/great. they had a perfect spot in the old nursery. i had intended them to be above the crib when i first made them, but then when we moved into that house, it didn’t work.
    …and yes, she LOVES ceiling fans. i guess its a baby thing. she looks up in every room to see if one is there. haha

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    what a fun space! it is awesome! and i love that color. the twins’ room is getting painted a color like that next week. same color as their old room in michigan. i can’t wait! back to your room…i think you can put a crib on a wall that has a low sloped ceiling. baby girl will never be in the crib long enough to bump her head on it so as long as the crib height is lower than where the slope starts you could do that? i guess just make sure you or j wouldn’t bump your heads on the ceiling getting her in and out… those poof balls have to go up!!! what about in front of the window? or in the 3rd picture from the ceiling where baby girl could be looking if she wasn’t turning her head?

    i am definitely game for making a bumper if you want one! let me know if you are serious. i am out of town next week but then back with nothing much scheduled until august…

    many many many congrats on the new job! when you can share more details on what you are doing please do! or send me an email if that is best. 🙂 i am so happy for you!

  4. i would love for you to make me a bumper. i’ll email you…and i’m not in any rush.

    right now the crib is on the right slanted wall. i don’t mind it there, but i have the dresser/changing table in front of the window and i hate it there. i need to be able to push it up against the wall. she keeps throwing stuff behind it 🙂 the glider is in the corner of the left slanted wall, so either i could move the crib in front of the window and have the dresser against the wall and leave the glider where it is or have the crib and dresser on opposite walls and the glider in front of the window.

    i thought about putting the poofs in front of the window and like the idea because its the highest part of the ceiling, but the vent is there and then the fan is close. so, they would be moving constantly. maybe that wouldnt be bad though…would give her something to look at? the wall opposite the window is long and the ceiling is higher there…no slants or anything. i was saving that wall for a toy/play area. i love the space, but i know im going to move things around constantly to figure it out and that darn dresser is heavy. joe already said he knows its coming though. ha!

  5. sedwards515 on said:

    i have always been a fan of the glider being by a window…

    i think the space is great. but yeah…tell joe to start preparing for dresser moving…and moving…and moving!

    let me know what you are thinking for the bumper for fabrics! i am excited to make another one! 🙂

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