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coming to a store near you…

…if you live in boston or chicago that is.

i had someone contact me last week about selling my things in her store (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  i went by this morning with the kids and some items and ended up signing a w-9 and leaving all the items with her.  um….say WHAT?  MY items are in an actual STORE?  i am still in a bit of denial.

here is what they are selling:

and i finally finished what i feel is a good mix of bibs and burp cloths to send to my friend who has the coffee shop / play space in chicago.  here is what she will get tomorrow:

so yeah…somewhere somehow i ended up with my things in 2 stores!  what a wild world we live in!


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6 thoughts on “coming to a store near you…

  1. that is so awesome! congrats! this is really taking off for you. how fun!

  2. great job! i can’t wait for your line to come to jax!

  3. Lisa Nicole on said:

    Congrats!! I’m definitely never posting any of my projects now!! Too amateur!! =)

  4. sedwards515 on said:

    thanks guys! and lisa…SNORT! please post and share what you have been working on!

  5. so, can we get an update on store sales?? are you scouting for locations to build a workshop?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      store sales are going great! the store in boston sold all the blankets already and most of the bibs. they requested more this week and then want even more next month! yowzers! the store in chicago i know has made some sales too…but i don’t have figures yet. 🙂

      building a workshop. ha! i have my little sweatshop right here in my sunroom!

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