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felt inspired

congrats…you both inspired me!  (pat yourselves on the back or something please.)  since we painted the hallway we have been trying to figure out what to do with wall space upstairs.  bookshelf for girls’ books?  gallery wall?  picture ledges?  well…i finally convinced b it was time to do something and ledges and family pictures won out.

this is what you see coming up the stairs.  door to the right is the bathroom and to the left is e’s room.

if you make a u-turn at the top of the stairs to the right you go down the hallway to b’s office.  this is along that wall.

only downside is that all of these pictures were on the shelves in the sunroom (i.e., my office space).  so now i need to fill those shelves with something…

(ledges are the ribba ledges from ikea and frames are a combination of styles from kohl’s, michael’s, and ikea.)

since we were on such a high from getting these up we also decided to put up one of our pictures in the family room.  it is a picture of the manhattan beach pier that i had broken up into 3 and mounted on canvas.

the only wall space in the family room that really would work for this was the backside of the fireplace and brick…so we got a little creative on how we hung them.


happy saturday!  and now go hang more pictures!


this will be a hard one to send off…

i stuffed the owl today and it was love at first sight for all of my girls.  looks like i will be making 3 more soon…



speaking of owls…

i mentioned in my comment on the last post my recent obsession with owls. sarah – thanks for introducing me to pinterest. now my obsession is for all to see and i think i’m rubbing off on people. anyway, i came across this adorable dress that i thought would be cute for her party. it looks so easy to make. do you ladies think i should just try and make it myself? what is the etiquette there? as long as i don’t sell it i can copy other peoples cute ideas? given all the other projects i’d “like” to do, i should probably just buy it. haha.


shhhh…i’m sleeping.

today’s number was this owl pillow.  (well…it will be a pillow once i find some stuffing for it.)  one of the things my friend requested was a pillow for the glider in her nursery.  and i just didn’t want to do an ordinary pillow.  so i sewed up this little gal.  but shhhh…she is sleeping.  like all babies do…right?

i didn’t use a pattern and probably should have because i think she is a tad small to be “the” pillow on the glider in the room.  so i might be making another larger one for her to lean against.  but i don’t have any large pieces of fabric left…so it would have to be patchwork…hmmmm…

thoughts?  she measures 14″ wide by 10″ tall when completely flat.

crib skirt complete

whew.  i finished the crib skirt today and think it turned out super cute (if i am allowed to say that?).  i even added in an accent fabric for the pleat.


i don’t know if you remember that i had issues with the size of the crib “deck” of the last skirt i made.  i felt like the tutorial i used was off in the measurements.  this one i erred on the side of making it too big…but hoping for a good, clean fit.  anxious to test it out tomorrow on one of the girls’ cribs…

project pouf!

i am helping a friend with her nursery and started cutting and prepping all the material this morning.  had a breakthrough last night around 3 am to make a pouf instead of an ottoman.  (i was having a hard time figuring out how i would do an ottoman cover for her without also buying or making the ottoman and then paying a fortune in shipping…) alas….at 3 am, “pouf!”, the light bulbs went on and the wheels started spinning.  so today i woke up and began cutting the fabric and making the pouf.  (it should also be mentioned that i started cutting the material for her bumper and when i had all the sashing and ties cut i realized that i cut the wrong material.  yup.  you read that right.  material that was meant for a side got cut into a bunch of skinny strips and i had to order all new fabric.  sigh…)

where was i?  oh yes…pouf.

the other thing that the pouf was going to let me do was a zipper!  i wanted to be able to send her just the fabric piece and that way she can buy and stuff it so shipping is more afforable.  but i didn’t want to make her sew it closed so i thought that i could do a zipper.  eeeks.

first off i used this tutorial for the pouf.  i have made one before for elle’s room but wasn’t super crazy about how it turned out.  i learned some lessons and (hopefully) applied them this time.

i decided to line the fabric with muslin just to give it another layer of durability.  it has a heavier feel now and i feel it will stand up better and last longer.  so i cut 8 pieces in the outer fabric and muslin.  then i sewed right sides together (doubling the outer fabric with the muslin).


i sewed one side of the piece and repeated that for 3 other pieces.  i now have 4 sections of 2 pieces sewn together on one side.  i then put right sides together and sewed 2 sections together so i now have 2 halves of the pouf.


this is where it got a little tricky since it was time to put the zipper in.  eeeks.  i followed the directions on my zipper package as well as used this tutorial.  first thing i did was start to sew the two halves together and then once i got to where i wanted the zipper to go i increased my stitch length to the max amount and went the length of the zipper (marked with pins).  then i pressed the seam open and glued the zipper face down.

next step was to use the zipper foot and stitch the zipper in.  it was fairly straightforward but it does get tricky when you are stitching around the zipper pull.  i tried to do the trick in the tutorial but because i started at the top i couldn’t pull it down because i hadn’t stitched it in yet.  sigh.  so it is a tad wonky but it seems to work.


once the zipper was in i then flipped the pouf back to right sides together and finished closing it up.  then i opened the zipper and voila!  only downside is that i have no stuffing to stuff it to make sure it looks ok!  whoops.

i think i will finish it off with something on top…a fun vintage button perhaps?



project update

project curtains…for the most part….complete. i need to add some ties to pull them back better. they aren’t perfect and i’m not sure if they will block out much noise, but i like them. i did 3 layers of curtains. on the outside, it is a light cream to match the wall and on the inside a fun print. business on the front, party in the back. 🙂


(thats our dining room on the other side which we converted to joe’s office. not your typical home setup 🙂

and here is the half bath. thanks for the tips on hanging them on one wall. jamie, i love the decal idea and some of those are super cute. i’ve been trying to find some fun kid ones for jordan’s room since there is that large open wall.

wedding pictures

while i’m pretty excited about getting our wedding pictures delivered this week, i think my husband is three times as excited because now he doesn’t have to look at pictures of people we don’t know in our hallway!  (i hung all the frames to make sure they fit, and left the stock photos inside).  i was going to make it a little more elaborate, but the hallway is kind of narrow and dark, and too many frames would’ve overpowered it.  i love how the photos turned out!  i bought all of the frames at kohls and went with all black frames.

i’m going to try taking different pictures another time, these ones came out really bad because there is absolutely no light up there.  which brings me to my next question – any good lighting ideas?  i’m thinking gallery style, but it might reflect off the glass…this will be my first time with gallery lighting so i think it will be a little bit of a “quess and check” process.

photographer: meghan stewart photography, jacksonville, fl

frames used:

(1) 14×18 (holds 11×14 photo)

(4) 14×14 (hold 8×8 photo) malden matted manhattan frame

(2)  10×20 (holds (3) 5×7 photos each) montego collage frame


chair makeover

of course…i did not leave ikea with only curtains for the office. $350 and tons of fun stuff later 🙂 i finally went home. one of my purchases was these cushions for a rattan chair. 2 chairs/ottomans and a sofa are joe’s from his mom/grandma. they will look great one day in a sunroom or basement, but for now, they are spread across our house. here are some before and after photos. the before has been giving me heartburn for the past 2 years. these cushions were miraculously a perfect fit. i’m going to back for another set for the 2nd chair, but i will need to figure out what to do with the sofa. it’s in joe’s office though…so i’m not too worried. ha!



and, jamie, thanks for giving me the idea to put these pics above the sofa

half bath picture help

ok, so, i need some suggestions once again 🙂 i have these framed pics that i want to hang in the half bath. i have 4 and i’m assuming its way too much to hang all 4, but wanted some suggestions on where to hang. its a decent sized half bath with a wall big enough on the left for 2 of the pics and a wall big enough for 2 pics on the right. then there is space above the toilet and space opposite the toilet. those 2 walls would fit 1 pic each. what do you think? 1 each on the larger walls?

left wall…there is more space that my camera didn’t pick up




right wall…

3 of the pictures

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