amis au fil des ans

just a few good friends, sharing adventures in family, arts, and sometimes heavy machinery

the journey continues

remember back in the day when we were all single and our biggest stresses involved the word siebel??  when we used to jump in a hot tub after half marathons (so much smarter now), had way more vacation time than we needed, and i spent way too much money on hair highlights?  we’ve sure come a long way, haven’t we??  🙂  love you guys!


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4 thoughts on “the journey continues

  1. other important items to note – i am still addicted to diet pepsi and i still wear that sweater. please standby while i go throw it in the goodwill pile. that is ridiculous.

  2. Lisa Nicole on said:

    Hey! Some of us are still single and have way too much time to….rank their itunes songs on a Friday night after returning home from an appointment at the hair salon!!!

  3. omg…fantastic jamie 🙂

  4. sedwards515 on said:

    ohmygoodness…that is great! back when none of us even had rings on “that” finger! and well before i even dreamed that i would one day be a wife to b, mother to 3, and sewing bibs and burp cloths! well…maybe i had dreamed the wife to b part. but that is it! 🙂

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