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updated kitchen

ah yes, the kitchen.  when we first moved in, we had the pleasure of finding all kinds of issues with the kitchen.  the fridge had a water / ice dispenser but nobody ever bothered to install a water line, much less connect it to the fridge.  the faucet sprung a catastrophic leak on about its 4th use, the microwave is enormous and hung down super low so that if you had a pot on the stove you couldn’t fit a spoon in the pot to stir it without hitting the bottom of the microwave.  it was genius.  all the cupboards were really easy for me to reach, which is not a good thing…and all the knobs were old basket-weave style that just looked hideous.  the floor plan is a little weird too, with the kitchen being a little offset from the main house.  i guess that’s what happens when you take a 107 year old duplex and make it a single family home.  sometimes the walls just aren’t where you want them.

fast forward about a year (good grief!) and voila!  we have a whole new kitchen.  we raised all the cabinets about 4″ – including the microwave – installed a slate tile backsplash with glass tiles as a stripe (not the original plan but we got the slate for free, so alas), new knobs on all the cabinets, and this weekend i finally painted the walls a medium green-gray color.  of course all of the colors look off in this picture, but at least now you can see it looks like a more colorful, functional space. (with a lot of junk on the counter, sorry I was in the middle of cleaning when i took these).

many older homes have sections of rooms called “bump outs” which is exactly as you would expect – a piece of the room that sticks out on the exterior.  we have a partial bump out in the kitchen, which is currently waiting for it’s makeover, hopefully into a dining space.  i painted this the same green-grey color.  i think we’ll do a tall bistro table with two tall chairs, just to give it a better look than the hookah table currently sitting there.

next up – window treatments!  i think i might actually just do something on the bottom half of these tall windows since i really like the light that comes in from them.  maybe i’ll just whip up some simple shears to give us a little more privacy…what do you think?

bump out after

bump out before


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4 thoughts on “updated kitchen

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    oooooh! well done! it looks fantastic! i love that little bump out area and think that doing just bottom half curtains would be perfect.

    this reminds me that i am overdo to post some house pictures…but i have to sew tonight! cleaning ladies come tomorrow so i will snag some pictures when the place is cleaned up.

    btw…i am still laughing about the low microwave. hilarious!

  2. so for the curtains that cover the bottom half of the windows, any ideas for fabric? should i do a subtle print or just a plain fabric? this is where i start to fall flat. i’m in miami all week so i wont be able to do any fabric hunting until the weekend at the earliest.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      give me some info on what feel you are going for. part of me says something light just to keep the lightness. but within that you can run the gamut. geometric print? solid? a linen? is your house more modern or traditional or country or…? i would probably edge toward a stripe or geometric type print in light colors. nothing too bold but something to bring in an accent color and do the job of adding some privacy.

  3. looks awesome jamie!

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