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bzzzzzzzzzzzz…where’s my honeycomb?

a few months back i stumbled upon this picture in a blog:

needless to say…i was hooked.  i wanted them…no…needed them in my house.  so a couple weekends ago when b’s father was in town i set them to work.  i had everything sketched out and drawn up with measurements and everything.  and then it got comical.  b’s dad is a physicist and had to create a model for the shelves to confirm the lengths and angles.  let’s just say that 10 hours later he proclaimed me “right”.  b hung the shelves this morning (with a little help from a cute 3 year old…).

they are in b’s office (which is really a glorified hallway with a door on it).  you are also getting the first glance at the new paint color (bm freedom trail)!  he used wood we reclaimed from an old storage closet in our basement.  the wood had old posters glued to some planks and we tried to get some of those pieces to give in an old feel.  i would like to try to attach the one that is floating on the left side to the set of two but i am not sure if we can…  my initial drawing had 3 connected and one floating.  but hey…at least i have something!


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2 thoughts on “bzzzzzzzzzzzz…where’s my honeycomb?

  1. these are super cute, what are you going to put in them?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      thanks! and…um…trinkets? which is funny in it’s own right because we are not trinket people! went to an art fair over our 4th vacation and every thing i showed b as a potential item he gave me a crinkly nose face and said no. right now he has some books on one of them…?

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