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privacy door

so, here is my office. please excuse the mad disorganization. i am soo not unpacked yet. the goal was to finish the house first and then my office. so, i just started my office this week. my office space is the downstairs den/living room. so, there is no door. my only other option was the guest room upstairs, but that is next to the nursery and where the nanny plays a lot with jordan. i also didnt think it would be helpful for me to be on conference calls during naps. anyway, the lack of privacy is posing an issue for me. if anyone knocks on the door, emma will bark. then there is also the issue of the occasional scream whether happy or sad from jordan. any thoughts on a door option? the opening is nearly 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. since we rent, i don’t want to go nuts $. a curtain would be easy, but won’t block any noise. let me know if you guys have any ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚


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8 thoughts on “privacy door

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    hmmm…i think because you rent your only option will be curtains. but i would probably go with a thick or heavily lined curtain to help as much as you can with sound control. mount them on the office side of the opening and use a track (can get at ikea!) so that when they are open you can’t see them from the hallway. pick a fun fabric and it will almost be a wall decor from the office when open. if you wanted to go all out then i would install double french doors…

  2. thanks. i think you are right. heavy curtains are the only way. thanks for the specific suggestions on mounting too! that will be very helpful. any ideas where i should look for curtains? any fabric/print suggestions?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      i would probably do a print…or have them 2 sided so that the side that faces the hallway is simple (not sure on the rest of the house’s decor) and then maybe put a heavier fabric in the middle and the side that faces the office you can do a print that you like. since you need a lot of yardage i would probably go to joanns and see what strikes you. they usually have some nice home furnishing fabric on sale…

      also…ikea sells fabric. you may find something there that you like. we used their track with these bamboo-ish panels to section off the bedroom area of our basement in royal oak (did you ever see that when you came to visit?). i think it would be pretty simple to make thicker panels to fit their system or to add something to their panels to give you more of a sound barrier.

      last suggestion…can you put a sign up that says do not knock and to leave packages? at least for when you are on calls that a barking dog would be bad? lily is a big time barker and it drives me batty. just a thought!

  3. i had a sign like that at the last house when jordan slept a lot more. good idea. i should put one up here. joe gets packages a few times a week for work.

    i don’t have much a of “decor” going since we are still very mix match for now, so i guess i could just go fun and see what i find. ๐Ÿ™‚ off to ikea soon i go! i’m going to have to put this project on top of the priority list. thanks for the suggestions!

    one question i just thought of…if i do 3 layers of fabric, would i sew them all together to make a panel?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      that is what i am thinking you would do…the panels are maybe 2 – 3′ wide? and as long as you need them. each track has 3 individual tracks but you could double up if you needed to get the width. take a look and see what you think! i liked the way they worked and there were really easy to open and close. they just slid real smoothly in the tracks…

      we also just put up a wire and used these toggle bolts to tighten it and then hung curtains from it at my parents farm house to section off one part of a bedroom for the girls. you could do that too…but would just need to research what gauge wire to use to hold up the fabric… that way you could almost purchase thick curtains that are already lined? use ring clips or get ones that have grommets at the top so they slide easily?

      i am just trying to come up with the best way so that you can have the opening completed blocked off when you are working, but completely open when you are not…

  4. hmmm…i’m having a hard time picturing these tracks now. i was thinking it was just something that was installed at the top. i will have to look it up on ikea. thanks for the detail. im already googling curtains and such!

  5. if you use a thick fabric for at least one layer i think you’ll be able to cut out some noise too.

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