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fabric heaven

that is where i am right now.  i have 3 (!!!) gorgeous fabric collections staring at me saying, “sew me first!”  “no, me!”  “no, me!  i was delivered before both of you!”

first i have this handsome grey, yellow, and red set from urban chiks hullabaloo collection


then i have this wonderfully sophisticated mustard yellow and grey set from amy butler’s midwest modern collection:

and last i have this gorgeous pink and green modern, yet vintage-y, set from heather bailey’s nicey jane collection:

i am practically giddy with excitement!  good thing i wrapped up jaybee’s bumper and mailed it off yesterday.  having that fabric laying around in addition to these would have definitely sent me over the edge!

the hullabaloo fabric is going to be made into blankets, loveys, bibs, and burp cloths for the store.  the midwest modern is going to be made into a large (my biggest yet!) quilt for my cousin’s wedding present (those are the colors for her wedding) and the leftovers will be used for items for the store.  and then the nicey jane set is for a friend who asked me to help her with her nursery.  i will be doing a bumper, skirt, blanket, glider chair pillow, ottoman cover, and some decorative hoops.  and of course i will add in some bibs and burp cloths as a surprise (shhhhhh…).

like i said, fabric heaven.  let me know if anyone wants to come to boston to help sew!


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2 thoughts on “fabric heaven

  1. oooooh! love them all, but i especially love the nursery fabric. i so wish we all lived close 🙂

  2. i am in the same boat. tons of fabric piled up high, yet my sewing area has been taken over by the computer surgeon. i will take a picture…

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