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chair makeover

of course…i did not leave ikea with only curtains for the office. $350 and tons of fun stuff later 🙂 i finally went home. one of my purchases was these cushions for a rattan chair. 2 chairs/ottomans and a sofa are joe’s from his mom/grandma. they will look great one day in a sunroom or basement, but for now, they are spread across our house. here are some before and after photos. the before has been giving me heartburn for the past 2 years. these cushions were miraculously a perfect fit. i’m going to back for another set for the 2nd chair, but i will need to figure out what to do with the sofa. it’s in joe’s office though…so i’m not too worried. ha!



and, jamie, thanks for giving me the idea to put these pics above the sofa


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3 thoughts on “chair makeover

  1. oh, the cushions look terrific! that’s so nice that they were the right fit right out of the box. i love ikea, unfortunately its just one more store that we don’t have in jax. i’ve been talking to a friend at work who plans a weekend every year in orlando just to shop, and i might tag along. although i will probably need to rent a uhaul…keep up the great work!

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    it looks fabulous! that really is an awesome fit. yeah for ikea! love the pictures above the couch…i really like the layout and how it goes with the stairs. bravo!

    did you find curtains???

  3. curtains have been purchased and i sewed them together, but the stupid rod didnt come with the screws and anchors cCCc (that was jordan typing. haha). anyway…i need to make a home depot trip. should be up today and i will post pics 🙂

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