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half bath picture help

ok, so, i need some suggestions once again 🙂 i have these framed pics that i want to hang in the half bath. i have 4 and i’m assuming its way too much to hang all 4, but wanted some suggestions on where to hang. its a decent sized half bath with a wall big enough on the left for 2 of the pics and a wall big enough for 2 pics on the right. then there is space above the toilet and space opposite the toilet. those 2 walls would fit 1 pic each. what do you think? 1 each on the larger walls?

left wall…there is more space that my camera didn’t pick up




right wall…

3 of the pictures


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3 thoughts on “half bath picture help

  1. i would just do 2 pictures side-by-side next to the toilet, and then do something else on the other walls. i’m starting to incorporate vinyl wall decals as a different element in my laundry room, which could be a cool, easy, renter-friendly thing for you since you can just peel them off when you move. check out this cool bird-cage one (i know it’s too big for your bathroom, but i totally dig it!)

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    can you do all 4 in a square / rectangle on the left wall in the first picture? then you can pull in something else that goes with the prints above the toilet and by the door? great prints!

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