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wedding pictures

while i’m pretty excited about getting our wedding pictures delivered this week, i think my husband is three times as excited because now he doesn’t have to look at pictures of people we don’t know in our hallway!  (i hung all the frames to make sure they fit, and left the stock photos inside).  i was going to make it a little more elaborate, but the hallway is kind of narrow and dark, and too many frames would’ve overpowered it.  i love how the photos turned out!  i bought all of the frames at kohls and went with all black frames.

i’m going to try taking different pictures another time, these ones came out really bad because there is absolutely no light up there.  which brings me to my next question – any good lighting ideas?  i’m thinking gallery style, but it might reflect off the glass…this will be my first time with gallery lighting so i think it will be a little bit of a “quess and check” process.

photographer: meghan stewart photography, jacksonville, fl

frames used:

(1) 14×18 (holds 11×14 photo)

(4) 14×14 (hold 8×8 photo) malden matted manhattan frame

(2)  10×20 (holds (3) 5×7 photos each) montego collage frame



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5 thoughts on “wedding pictures

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    i love it. honest. looks perfect!

  2. first, when the page loaded, i was like, uh whoa color. i thought i was on the wrong blog. haha. i like the change though.
    love your picture wall too and all the great wedding pics. great job!

  3. yeah, i totally dig the layout but the header picture is a little hard on the eyes. i am going to mess with it this week and see if i can figure out how to replace the picture but keep the rest. i like the way it organizes the posts better. if i can’t get it to be a little less crazy i’ll try a different template. most of the templates are a snore. thanks for the comments on the picture wall, the long term plan is to spread it around the corner and down the staircase, but we had to start somewhere!

  4. jamie, what size are those frames? i really like them.

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