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crib skirt complete

whew.  i finished the crib skirt today and think it turned out super cute (if i am allowed to say that?).  i even added in an accent fabric for the pleat.


i don’t know if you remember that i had issues with the size of the crib “deck” of the last skirt i made.  i felt like the tutorial i used was off in the measurements.  this one i erred on the side of making it too big…but hoping for a good, clean fit.  anxious to test it out tomorrow on one of the girls’ cribs…


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2 thoughts on “crib skirt complete

  1. it turned out great! you’re really getting the hang of this, huh? 🙂 that’s great because whenever we decide to have a child, i know who can make my bedding! haha knowing me i will try to do it all myself and need you on speed dial.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      even better if you choose heather bailey’s hop dot fabric in cherry. because i already have the sashing and ties cut for a bumper………………………………………….

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