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project pouf!

i am helping a friend with her nursery and started cutting and prepping all the material this morning.  had a breakthrough last night around 3 am to make a pouf instead of an ottoman.  (i was having a hard time figuring out how i would do an ottoman cover for her without also buying or making the ottoman and then paying a fortune in shipping…) alas….at 3 am, “pouf!”, the light bulbs went on and the wheels started spinning.  so today i woke up and began cutting the fabric and making the pouf.  (it should also be mentioned that i started cutting the material for her bumper and when i had all the sashing and ties cut i realized that i cut the wrong material.  yup.  you read that right.  material that was meant for a side got cut into a bunch of skinny strips and i had to order all new fabric.  sigh…)

where was i?  oh yes…pouf.

the other thing that the pouf was going to let me do was a zipper!  i wanted to be able to send her just the fabric piece and that way she can buy and stuff it so shipping is more afforable.  but i didn’t want to make her sew it closed so i thought that i could do a zipper.  eeeks.

first off i used this tutorial for the pouf.  i have made one before for elle’s room but wasn’t super crazy about how it turned out.  i learned some lessons and (hopefully) applied them this time.

i decided to line the fabric with muslin just to give it another layer of durability.  it has a heavier feel now and i feel it will stand up better and last longer.  so i cut 8 pieces in the outer fabric and muslin.  then i sewed right sides together (doubling the outer fabric with the muslin).


i sewed one side of the piece and repeated that for 3 other pieces.  i now have 4 sections of 2 pieces sewn together on one side.  i then put right sides together and sewed 2 sections together so i now have 2 halves of the pouf.


this is where it got a little tricky since it was time to put the zipper in.  eeeks.  i followed the directions on my zipper package as well as used this tutorial.  first thing i did was start to sew the two halves together and then once i got to where i wanted the zipper to go i increased my stitch length to the max amount and went the length of the zipper (marked with pins).  then i pressed the seam open and glued the zipper face down.

next step was to use the zipper foot and stitch the zipper in.  it was fairly straightforward but it does get tricky when you are stitching around the zipper pull.  i tried to do the trick in the tutorial but because i started at the top i couldn’t pull it down because i hadn’t stitched it in yet.  sigh.  so it is a tad wonky but it seems to work.


once the zipper was in i then flipped the pouf back to right sides together and finished closing it up.  then i opened the zipper and voila!  only downside is that i have no stuffing to stuff it to make sure it looks ok!  whoops.

i think i will finish it off with something on top…a fun vintage button perhaps?




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6 thoughts on “project pouf!

  1. so fun! i think a button is a great idea. any way you can do a button that you cover with another fabric from the nursery set?

  2. what the heck is a pouf??

  3. that button tutorial is adorable! what a great idea for fabric scraps. i could see going overboard and having tons of covered buttons around…talking about myself of course. ha! my mom always saved buttons in this tin. i have the tin and all the old buttons and add to it when you get those packs with clothes. i never know what to do with them… 🙂

    jamie, you crack me up.

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