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shhhh…i’m sleeping.

today’s number was this owl pillow.  (well…it will be a pillow once i find some stuffing for it.)  one of the things my friend requested was a pillow for the glider in her nursery.  and i just didn’t want to do an ordinary pillow.  so i sewed up this little gal.  but shhhh…she is sleeping.  like all babies do…right?

i didn’t use a pattern and probably should have because i think she is a tad small to be “the” pillow on the glider in the room.  so i might be making another larger one for her to lean against.  but i don’t have any large pieces of fabric left…so it would have to be patchwork…hmmmm…

thoughts?  she measures 14″ wide by 10″ tall when completely flat.


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7 thoughts on “shhhh…i’m sleeping.

  1. what kind of glider does she have? the wooden kind or the puffy chair kind? i ask because I have the chair kind and i usually toss my pillow on the floor. when jordan was tiny, i used the boppy. so, she may not get much use out of it and in that case, size may not matter. it is super cute though. i’m doing jordan’s bday party in an owl theme (your friend is making my invites :)) and have recently become super obsessed with owls…

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    i think this blog has owl fever. 🙂

    i am the same way with the pillows on my girls chairs. e has a wooden glider with cushions and i end up tossing her pillow on the ground whenever we sit and read (no space!) and c and s have a soft stuffed chair and i put their pillows on the back of it when we sit and read. but…they do look cute on the chairs when we aren’t sitting in them! lol!

    the other thing i wanted to do was bring in the material from the ottoman into a pillow with some of the more feminine fabrics to soften it some. it is green with blue and white…and i don’t want it to feel too boyish. so maybe a 16″ square pillow in that fabric with a fun trim? thoughts?

  3. oh, this is cute! how did you do the eyelashes?

    i like your idea about using the ottoman fabric for a square pillow, can you find some edging trim that is a similar color from one of the more pinkish fabrics? there are some cool things at the store that you just need to stitch in.

    another idea is to use the blue & white ottoman fabric, then applique some shapes (or the baby’s initial if you know it) using the other fabrics…or reverse applique a design, that’s pretty unique looking…

    • sedwards515 on said:

      thanks! i used my machine for everything and just used a tight zig zag stitch with black thread for the lashes. i drew them on first with a pen and then went over the pen with the zig zag stitch.

      i actually saw a purse yesterday but it made the light bulbs go on in my head for a pillow design. i am hoping to whip it up at naptime so stay tuned!

      reverse applique? tell me more!

  4. one thing i forgot to add – when i made my owl pillow i realized you really do need to make what you think is a large pillow when you’re custom-cutting a shape. i totally thought mine was going to be almost twice as big as it turned out, and i didn’t even turn it inside out!

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